Sunday, 12 October 2008

This Morning, Halfway Up a Hill...

This morning, Halfway Up a Hill, early morning autumn mist was gradually giving way to sunshine.

Webs frosted with dew hung everywhere, catching the slanting early light.

Leaves glowed in their closing splendour, awaiting the final tumble to earth.

Bear pondered, inscrutable cat thoughts.

Sunny the gosling, now fully grown, stretched out his wings and legs, felt his strength, ate his breakfast, and knew that life is good.

Gossiping around their feeder, the chickens reached a similar conclusion.

And Moonroot felt her heart begin to heal, just a little...


Griffin said...

"This morning, Halfway Up a Hill, early morning autumn mist was gradually giving way to sunshine."

Now that is a lovely way to start a post. The pictures are lovely too. Bear looks gorgeous... but then Bear is a cat so he/she would.

I am so glad your heart is beginning to heal. Mine took time too, but then I remade it in stone and sealed it off. This is one Scorpio who has no intention of getting heart-broken again.

Be warm, be well and give the cat a cuddle every so often... that helps.

Oh, and have these *Big Warm Hugs* too.

Reya Mellicker said...

Many thoughts of love and admiration filled my heart as I read this beautiful post. Thank you for this.

I have a rose quartz heart just like yours. Now I'll think of you whenever I pick it up.

Bravo dear one! And much love.

Joanna said...

The healing power of nature - thank you for sharing


aims said...

Oh Sweetie.

Your heart has touched my heart. I've no words to help - just thoughts of hugs and more hugs.

Your first picture took my breath away. So serene and so beautiful and your words did it justice.

Your etsy shop is beautiful! I love everything! Now good luck to you!

(sending this link around to fellow bloggers who I think might be interested)

Pixiedust said...

Lovely words moonroot, a truly beautiful post and one step further to healing yourself. Take Care and my thoughts are with you.

PS Love the etsy shop, I might have to treat myself:O) xxxxx

Leanne said...

a fab post,and I am so glad you are healing.just a little. It cant be rushed, you will heal little by little,as so many of us have done.(unlike Griffin, my heart isnt in stone now,for where theres life there is hope) I too have a rose quartz heart just like that,I love synchronisity!!

Leanne x

The Awakened Heart said...

Beautiful Moonroot - your pictures always make me feel just a touch homesick. There is a quality to the light that I remember and I can almost feel the October chill in the sunlight. Halfway up a Hill is a wonderful place to be and with so much beauty surrounding you, your heart will surely heal. Hugs to you and big soft scratch for Bear.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos - you obviously have a great eye for catching small details and colours.

Thank you for sharing them.



anne hill said...

Thanks for the lovely post. It reads like a children's story. Blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful autumnal blog. Hearts are more precious than we care to admit, until they are broken.

Crystal Jigsaw xx

docwitch said...

What a beautiful part of the world you live in. Living amidst such beauty would surely help a heart to heal.

That Bear is scrumptious - love those chubby, pookie cheeks.

Andy said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful words. Healing needs to take time, for it to be real and lasting.

Donald Engstrom-Reese said...

I just read this post while listening to the much needed Autumn rains drumming on my window panes.

Lovely. Lovely.

May the Ancestors Bless you and Keep you.

I love and miss you.


solsticedreamer said...

what gorgeous photos! and i am so lucky your heart is slowly starting it healing process...thinking of you

Kim McBirnie said...

Hi, I've just found your blog and it is beautiful. You are a very talented photographer - you should add some prints to your etsy shop. Wishing you well and healing thoughts for your heart, Kim.

Willow said...

I'm so glad I visited your blog Moonroot - what beautiful photos and words. Bear looks like a cat very much in charge. As others have said, let nature heal you and be kind to yourself, always.
Willow x

Breezy said...

That was lovely Moonroot. The spider's web looked great. Glad the mist in your life is giving way to sunshine

deborah oak said...

Thank you for this gorgeous post. Thank you for the photos. Overall...just thank you. In gratitude for knowing such wonderful folks in this lifetime. In gratitude for knowing you. In gratitude for this amazing ability we have to heal.

This Guy said...

Oh my dear these are amazing photo's! Beautiful shots, you seem to capture the beauty and mystery of nature so very well!

I am so glad to see that your heart is healing, even if its just a little.. It lets your heart know that healing is within its reach! :)

Big hugs and brightest blessings! :)
Bret xoxo

aromatic said...

I missed this post until today! What a treat it was to view such gorgeous photographs and read such beautiful words. The view is out of this world, and the gosling and chickens so contented with life. Bean is adorable and please give her a snuggle from me. I find cats so loving and comforting.
I am glad your heart is beginning to heal.. as each day passes it will become easier!!
Thinking of you!
Love and Blessings, Jane xxx

'Sadness flies on the wings of the morning and out of the heart of darkness comes the light. ~Jean Giraudoux'

Spicy said...

Are those ex-bats and Light Sussex I see? I can totally connect to the hens revealing upon watching them a sense of unfettered joy at the things that bring them pleasure, which are so simple - food, light, places to explore. x

Moonroot said...

Yes Spicy, they're ex-battery hens & Light Sussex (plus one Cream Legbar seen at the far right of the photo). I didn't know you were a chicken fancier?

Spicy Cauldron said...

Well I'm writing a book all about them right now!

We've been keeping hens since February this year, I often blog about them over at, and we started with four ex-bats in February. I planned for over a year to get some, had a hankering for even longer, but until we bought a place with a big garden it wasn't possible.

We now have 14 ladies. We added two Cuckoo Marans, three Light Sussex, two Buff Orpingtons, two Jubilee Orpingtons (that we got, actually, from a lady in North Wales) and two Lavender Araucanas.

Sadly, one of the ex-bats died after around five months of being with us, in her sleep. And we had to swap one of the Marans as it turned out to be a cockerel and we can't keep a male in a suburban semi environment. I was sad to see him go, we'd raised him from tiny and he was a lovely bird.

In recent years I've become increasingly more of an activist on animal rights and the environment, and only this year started to develop a love of cooking - so all those eggs come in handy, although the majority of girls aren't in lay yet.

Eventually my dream is to run an animal sanctuary and take in some goats, some turkeys and some pigs - all to live out their lives, none for the table as I'm a vegetarian.

My Flickr account also has lots of pics of our ladies,

We're very proud of them and they're very entertaining as well as useful to have around the place. They are already helping to feed up the soil and keep the veg beds well catered for in terms of compost! x