Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Winter Blessings and Beauties, Day 94: Imbolc

After journeying through the Winter together, we find ourselves at Imbolc! Imbolc is seen as the first day of Spring. Although it's still cold and grey outside, by this time of year the days are noticeably longer than at Yule, the first bulbs are beginning to flower, the birds are beginning to choose their mates and their nesting sites. Here in Wales the first lambs appear in the fields, drifts of snowdrops appear along the hedgerows and the ravens wheel overhead in spectacular aerial courtship dances.

Imbolc is thought to derive from the Irish 'i mbolc' meaning 'in the belly' - referring to the soon-to-be-born lambs in the bellies of pregnant ewes. It is a time of promise, as the Wheel turns from Winter to Spring and the green world gradually reawakens.

Winter Blessings and Beauties: Day 94


As we find ourselves at Imbolc, let's look back and give thanks to the Winter for all its Blessings and Beauties, for all we have learned and experienced, created and enjoyed over the last three months. 

And let's look forward to the season of Spring which lies ahead of us, with all its Blessings and Beauties yet to unfold.

May we look back with gratitude to the Winter gone, and forward with hope and a sense of adventure to the Spring to come. 

Blessed Be.     


Monday, 1 February 2021

Winter Blessings and Beauties, Day 93: Imbolc Eve


On the Eve of Imbolc I offer you a beautiful piece of music honouring Brigid, the Goddess who is most associated with the festival. 

Winter Blessings and Beauties: Day 93

Imbolc Eve

Light a candle for Imbolc, for Brigid, for the advent of Spring, and listen to this song, 'Gabhaim Molta Bríde' ('We Praise Brigid') by Áine Minogue. Blessings of Imbolc upon you!