Tuesday, 7 October 2008


The last few weeks have been a challenge for me, there is no doubt about that. And yet, somehow the sadness and pain I've been experiencing have brought into sharp relief the counterbalancing positives in my life.

The photo above is of an altar I have created on a dresser, to remind me daily of how lucky I am. Every item on the altar - apart from the crockery (which was there already) and the mini-cauldron (which has a heart-healing spell in it) - has been given or sent to me over the past few weeks by friends and family, to let me know they are thinking of me and wishing me well. Their gifts and kind words and thoughts and prayers are a balm to my sorrow.

When the chips are down, I know they are there for me, whatever happens. And that is more precious than I can put into words.

I am more than lucky to have such people in my life, I am blessed.


Mike Farley said...

We all love you because you're so special!

Andy said...

I am pleased you have such good people around you - a true blessing indeed.

Griffin said...

Wot Mike said. Heal well, sweetheart. Take pleasure in the small things around you.

aromatic said...

Without going into too much detail, but from past experience I know the pain and all the other emotions you are experiencing at the moment... I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all feel better for you but alas that is not to be.. but you are well and truly blessed because you do have family and friends that care deeply for you has your alter depicts.
You will find this all a great comfort and through your dear friends and family you will find the strength to move on with your life and slowly the 'grief' will pass and enable you to embrace new beginnings.....

"Every day is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be."
Marsha Petrie Sue

Love and Blessings,
Jane xxx

docwitch said...

Lovely altar. I actually have that exact same mini-cauldron.

Your creativity seems to be alive and flourishing despite you undergoing such a traumatic time. You are producing some really beautiful pieces.

I hope your strength and happiness grows even in the midst of grief.

Brightest blessings.

Leanne said...

I am so glad you are getting through this Moonroot, and with the help and support of friends and fsmily, I have been in your shoes in the past and Know howimportant that support is

May you go from strength to strength. This is your rennaissance....

Leanne x

Anonymous said...

Similarly , I have these sort of people around me - I'm so glad you have, Moonroot. Blessings!