Saturday, 12 July 2008

Dear Diary...

Dear Diary,
We have been here now for 13 days. I didn't know what a day was before, but here some of the time it is light, which is a day, and some of the time it is dark, which is a night. On the first day when it got dark, we didn't know that chickens are supposed to go into the chicken house to sleep at night, so we had to be put in there by the humans.

Day 2:
The house is dark and warm and cosy. When it got light again, when it was day, we didn't want to come out of the house into the strange green world, so we stayed put. The humans put food and water in the house for us and we snuggled together, my sisters and I, wondering when we would be taken back to The Big Shed.

Day 3:
Today the humans put our food and drink just outside the chicken house. By now we were feeling a bit braver and a bit curious, so we came out to eat and drink and had a good look round. We find the chicken-like creatures in the adjoining pen most fascinating, although they have strange habits. They scratch at the green tufted ground and eat the green tufts! Late in the day the human came back and threw some grains down for the chicken-like ones. They ate the grains with great enthusiasm. We want to try some.

We each laid an egg today, in the strange box like divisions at the back of the house. These are enclosed and we feel safe there.

This evening we knew that it was time for bed when it began to get dark. I think the human was surprised to find we had put ourselves away when she came down to shut the door of the chicken house. Hah! we may be confused, but we are not stupid.

Day 4:
This morning we were eager to get out of the house and explore some more. We were bumping at the door when the human came down to open it for us.

We have tried eating some of the green tufty stuff, and you know, it's not bad. Not bad at all. We have also experimented with scratching the ground and our food, which for some reason is immensely satisfying. We even scratched all our bedding out of the house!!!

We have also been pecking each other to establish the hierarchy of our little flock. The human doesn't seem to approve, but I think she knows we have to do this. Good heavens, can you imagine? It would be anarchy without a head chicken to obey.

Day 5:
After we scratched all the bedding out and made it muddy yesterday, the human is now only opening a small door in the chicken house which she calls a 'pop hole', instead of the whole side of the house. This is going to make scratching all that bedding out a real chore, I can tell you. But we girls are equal to the task. As compensation, we have been given access to an additional area of green tuftiness. Yum!

We have now learned to come running for our grain ration in the late afternoon when the human appears and calls, 'Chookies!'. Grain is nice. I like it even better than green tuftiness.

Day 13:
Dear Diary, I have been too busy to record my thoughts. There is so much to explore in this strange and amazing new world. We have eaten 'strawberries', been chased by giant chickens called 'geese', water drops have fallen from the sky on many occasions - each day there is something new and wonderful to experience.

I will close now, as I am too busy to write more. But I am no longer confused. I am sure this is heaven and not hell.


The Shepton Witch said...

Brilliant post! How wonderful to hear that your chooks are settling in so well and finding their feet (and feathers hopefully). You must post some pictures of the girls once they have got their feathers back fully, as I'm sure they'll want the world to see how glam they are!

Anonymous said...

This made me want to cry. With happiness as well as frustration! Why don't people care more about this stuff!!

Really glad your chicken rescuees are finding things so amenable round your way - you're doing a really amazing thing for them. I admire you!

Reya Mellicker said...

It is heaven and you are an angel to care for these sweet chickens. I salute you!

enchantedartist said...

I love chickens...and hope to be able to have some to care for someday too.

How lovely that you have rescued these sweeties, and that they are settling into their new surroundings. :)

(Oh,and the pictures of your walk along the sea are just gorgeous. I WILL have to visit Wales someday. Thanks for sharing.)

willow said...

Just catching up on my blog reading after returning from holiday. Its lovely to hear that the new chickens are settling in well.

miss*R said...

I love this! I was wondering if these poor hens had crippled feet? it is surely heaven at your chicken place!!
ps - comfrey leaves are good for them makes their eggs strong and the chooks love it.

Moonroot said...

Miss R - The chickens' feet are fine, actually they seem in better shape than their bedraggled appearance suggests. I'm still waiting in vain for them to re-feather (I expect they'll need to moult out the old ones first) but the feathers they do have definitely look glossier than when they first got here! My Mum & Dad say the girls look like they've put on weight, too, but I can't see it. Perhaps because I see them every day.

Thanks for the tip on comfrey. I have a big comfrey patch I use to make liquid plant feed, so I'll cut a few leaves for the chooks.

Breezy said...

She's looking better already. It's lovely to hear that they are discovering their chicken selves

industrialpoppy said...

I have always wanted a few hens scratching the earth around me-and when I close my eyes and dream of that life I can hear them chatting happily, the bees humming, the cats purring. Trouble is, when I wake up I can't seem to remember how to find that place, not quite, not yet.
Maybe soon.

Moon said...

Yaaaaayyyyyyyyy! Horray for the chickens!!! Please continue to sneaky peek into the chicken diaries for us!!

Magic Cochin said...

I love the chicken diary! My under-gardeners would like to send their very biggest hugs and clucks to your girls!


Compostwoman said...

My girls ( 4 free girls and 2 ex prisoners) give your girls a friendly cluck....
Your post made me cry...I CANNOT understand how people can think it is OK to treat other creatures , the way hens are treated....