Thursday, 16 October 2008


I decided that instead of untidily spreading my craftmaking activities all over the house, I should set up a dedicated workspace. So in the spare room, I have put a work table and T's computer chair. I've brought the radio with me, and a few boxes of materials. And inspired by the view (I chose to position myself in front of the window with the best views over the valley), I have been painting, moulding, stitching, knitting, threading, glueing and generally getting creative.

Well, wouldn't you be inspired by this view?

This is one of the results. I had intended to paint a relatively simple Egyptian 'Eye of Horus' design on this wooden box. But somehow, my fingers had plans of their own. It seems to me that the best things I create have a life of their own, inasmuch as the inspiration for them seems to come out of nowhere, while the logical side of my brain shuts off and gives my fingers free range to do what they will. At such times the results surprise me and I think, 'I didn't know I could do that!'.
Anyhow, surprising me as much as anyone, this lovely mermaid/sea Goddess is now wrapping herself seductively around the contours of the box. She will be appearing in the Etsy shop as soon as she's finished, along with the rest of my latest creations.
Wow, the power of an inspiring view!


Griffin said...

Yep. I would definitely be inspired by that view - albeit I'd be writing about wild things rather than painting 'cos I'm not as good at that stuff as you are.

A mermaid... by a Cancerian...! Are you sure that's not salt water in your veins?! I don't care if you don't look like that, I am now going to imagine that IS what you look like! You look fab, by the way.

aromatic said...

Wonderful idea, perfect setting for loads of inspiration!!
You are truly blessed to have such a beautiful and breathtaking view. What a wonderful place to live.
And you have tempted me yet again with sneaky previews of wonderful things to come in your Etsy shop!! I can feel the vibrations from my purse already!!!
You have some lovely things for sale anyway... so I am furiously saving my pennies again.
The gorgeous box that I have already purchased from you has created a great deal of interest.. and the scarf is waiting in the wings to impress.
Anyway I am digressing from main conversation... dedicated workspace is a wonderful idea and will keep you focused. I imagine it will also become a place of tranquility as you continue working there. I have favourite places around my home... and one of them is by my bedroom window which overlooks a field. I find it a really nice place to stand and think and work things out.....

Love and Blessings,
Jane xxx

enchantedartist said...

Oh my goodness...your view is breathtaking!!! Now I'll have to go check out your etsy shop...:)

Reya Mellicker said...

The spare room ... is that the room that was painted blue when I was there? I do remember the view - wow!!

And WOW your work is inspired, ensouled even. With all you've been through this year, your creative juices are still flowing powerfully! I salute you!

Pixiedust said...

A beautiful view and a truly stunning box, well done you. xxx Pixie xxx

Spicy said...

She's beautiful! x

Moonroot said...

Glad everyone likes her - I'm very pleased with how the box has turned out, I must say (and she's now up on Etsy...).

Griffin - if only I was that glamorous! Sorry to disillusion you, but actually I look more like my weather pixie (unfortunately less svelte than her though). For those curious as to the true horror of Moonroot, I'm modelling the 'Autumn Riches' shawl currently in my Etsy shop.

Jane - I'm glad you've liked your purchases so far and that you feel inclined to save your pennies to spend in my shop. I take it as a great compliment.

Reya - yes, it is the room that was (and still is) painted blue. And it is at your disposal any time you'd like to come again - for you I'll even move all my crafting supplies!

kathyann said...

I would love to have this lovely lady on a canvas hung on my wall she is so beautiful and so calming.
It's no wonder you can be so creative looking at views like that.Just popping over to your etsy shop to see what else you've been creating!
Love from Kathy and the girls

Anonymous said...

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