Saturday, 5 June 2010

St Anthony's Well, Llansteffan

Llansteffan is a lovely place to visit. It is on the estuary of the Towy River, downstream from Carmarthen just before the river flows into the sea.

Up on the hill above the village are the ruins of a dramatic cliff-top castle. The views from up here are spectacular.

But less obvious, tucked away down a narrow, tree-lined footpath leading from the beach is a place to treasure.

Here, stepping through an unremarkable old door set in a stone wall and down stone steps, you find yourself in a tiny courtyard overhung with wisteria and honeysuckle.

This is St Anthony's Well, a place of pilgrimage for hundreds of years. It delights me that this holy place - hidden away from the casual observer - is still visited and honoured to this day with offerings of flowers, shells, crystals and foliage.

When IB and I visited earlier today, the alcove of the well was filled with such gifts, and the plaque depicting St Anthony himself had been garlanded with wildflowers.

The well has such a tranquil, sacred atmosphere it is one of my favourite places to visit. I thoroughly recommend it to anyone seeking to visit ancient sacred sites in the Carmarthen area. Take some time out to relish the peace there. And don't forget to bring a shell from the beach, or a wildflower from the lane for St Anthony!


Laura said...

What a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing it.

laoi gaul~williams said...

ohh i love secret doors leading to special places :)
swampy and i are planning a long awaited trip to Wales~hopefully this year~part holiday part back to my roots~now we have somewhere else to add to our list of 'must do'!
thank you so much for sharing

Moonroot said...

Lee, if you're coming to Wales you'd be welcome to stop by for a cup of tea! It would be lovely to meet up. Do let me know if you'd like that/it would fit your schedule.

Zahara Celestial said...

Wow managed to capture a sense of the essence of the place through picture and word...thank you! XX