Monday, 28 June 2010

Avalon Spring 2010

Now that summer is in full bloom I am getting excited about this year's Avalon Spring (Witchcamp). Witchcamp is always one of my summer highlights, and I just know that this year's is going to be wonderful.

I am lucky enough to be teaching again this year, along with three dear friends who also happen to be wonderful teachers and priestesses - Brighde Eire, Georgia Midnight Crow and Deborah Oak. We're cooking up some great offerings (workshops) which I'm really excited about. Once again we will return to the beautiful Earthspirit retreat centre near Glastonbury where we will gather under the stern gaze of the resident dragon, Clifford (really!), bathe in the dappled sunlight of the sacred tree circle and dance beneath the stars in the evening rituals. And this year we are working with a beautiful story, the Feri Creation myth of the Star Goddess.

I can't wait - come and join us if you can, it's going to be amazing!


Laura said...

Oh how I wish I could join you there. It sounds so magical and wonderful. I hope you have a great time!

Moonroot said...

Hi Laura - I wish you could come too!

If the UK is too far to travel, perhaps you could find a Witchcamp nearer you. There are Reclaiming Witchcamps in various locations in the US, Canada, Spain, Germany, and soon Australia too! There's a list of them all here:

Griffin said...

Ah, one of those events where people ask each other, 'Which witch are you going to watch?'

Are you going to wear red like the witch in your profile picture? With one of the hens on the back of the broomstick perhaps!

Moonroot said...

Griffin, I am enjoying your fashion tips lately! Yes, perhaps hussy-red silk accessorised with a chicken is the way to go...