Wednesday, 16 June 2010

A Dry Spell

Walking down the hill this evening to deliver eggs to my neighbours, I noticed the ditches are completely dry. The shrunken river drifts in a calm, shallow, meandering way, in contrast to its swollen, raging character in times of heavy rain.

We had a day of steady rain over the weekend, which gave a growth spurt to the grasses and flowers (and weeds!), but after an unusually rain-free winter followed by a dry, sunny spring it didn't make much difference to the streams, ditches and rivers.

For the first time since moving to Wales (ten years ago this August) I am seriously worrying about the well drying up. Halfway Up A Hill has no mains water supply, so if the well did dry up it would definitely be a problem. I have many water butts stationed around the property, but it's amazing how quickly that water gets used when conditions demand it.

I wonder how the birds and animals are coping? A dearth of water in West Wales is not normally an issue. I remember being amazed and impressed when we first moved here by the way little springs would - well, spring up, on the hillside after heavy rain.

I have just checked the five day weather forecast and it doesn't appear we are due for rain any time soon. Don't get me wrong, I am loving the warm, sunny weather, especially after the last few miserable, wet summers we have had here. But I would like the weather Gods to know that it would be nice if we could have the odd heavy downpour too - maybe overnight so we can keep enjoying the summery days. As Joni Mitchell so rightly observed, sometimes you don't know what you got till it's gone.


aims said...

It's an odd world isn't it where some people are being flooded out of their homes while other areas haven't seen rain in ages.

I remember wondering about the level of the water table when I was on a well system. It makes one appreciate water barrels to catch every single drop of rain and just where water goes to and comes from.

There again it's too bad the whole world doesn't pay attention instead of taking it for granted. The supply of fresh water is not a guaranteed thing. Not even for people attached to their town's water system. Some day it may too run dry.

Here we have alternate watering days when it comes to gardens and lawns. Some years it's alternate weeks depending on the water table level. I ignore all that as I don't bother watering my lawn. It is just too large. If it doesn't look green that's fine with me. Less mowing!

Griffin said...

Well you could have a barbecue or a cricket match, that usually brings rain.

Pradeep Bhatt said...

reminds me so much of home (i come from a hill station in the himalayas.
over the years, i remember, i have seen so much change in that quaint little town of shimla. there was a time when i used play in 2-3 feet of snow in the winters and now there is hardly a trace of snow (though winters do continue to be as brilliantly bright as possible)...ah things change..don't they!! enough of have a nice day and i hope you get your downpour...cheerio.