Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Last night, while the majority of people would have been partying away the last of the old year, I was sweeping the kitchen.

Remembering all the lore about sweeping away the old and making space for the new, I was suddenly seized with the desire to clean, clean, clean away the dregs of 2008 ready for a bright new start in 2009. So I swept and cleaned the kitchen and living areas, emptied all the rubbish, polished everything until it gleamed and paid special attention to cleaning the hearth (heart of the home).

I've never been a great one for New Year's Eve partying anyway. My Mum's family always celebrated it, probably because of their Scottish ancestry. New Year was a big deal, where the whole family had to stay up and welcome in the New Year or risk bad luck for the next twelve months. Just before midnight my Dad would be pushed out into the cold night, from where, as the tallest dark haired man in the party and armed with a lump of coal and a glass of whisky he would perform the duty of 'first footing'.

Since I left home I haven't really made a conscious effort to celebrate New Year, yet looking back, I don't think there have been many years that I haven't been awake to see it in, even if it has often been just T and I at home raising a glass to each other. Last night I had intended to go to bed early, but somehow it was 11.30pm before I knew it and it seemed daft to go to bed so close to midnight. So the cats and I welcomed in 2009 in company with Jools Holland.

This New Year morning it is cold and frosty again, white as a clean page. To keep up the sympathetic magic initiated with my cleaning session last night, I have decided to try to have a day in which I only put energy into the things I want to cultivate this year. I had a good start when some neighbourhood children came round to sing a New Year song (making community connections), later I will have a nice long soak in a Lush-scented bath (time for myself, pleasure) and then speak to my family on the phone and see my good friends Pinky & Harry (family & friendships). I will cook a spicy veggie chili for dinner (taking care of my body). And I suppose I ought to also find time to spend on making some more items for the Etsy shop (creativity, making money)!

I hope you all celebrated an enjoyable New Year, and I wish everyone a very Happy, Harmonious, Healthy and Prosperous 2009!

Blessed Be.


Rose said...

Can't think of anything better than a nice Lush bath... May your New Year be full of Lush products and every bath a Lush one!

Reya Mellicker said...

happiest new year to you. I, too, am not sad to see 2008 fade into the sunset. Onwards & upwards!

ambermoggie said...

Happy new year, may the days be filled with love, joy and much abundance in all you do

Leanne said...

happy new year, heres to endless possibilities ahead...

Leanne x

Anonymous said...

Happy new year :-)

Laura said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to usher out the old year and welcome in the new... happy new year to you and yours!

aromatic said...

What a wonderful way to see out the old year... I am not a fan of the New Year celebrations to be honest and can find it quite depressing in some ways. I would have found the cleaning,sweeping etc quite liberating. So well done to you.... Very inspiring!!
Adore Lush product too and decided to treat myself to a few items just before Christmas... my own personal Christmas gift to me.... Was able to enjoy a few delightful soaks in the bath... a bit of self tlc!
Love the new products in your wonderful Etsy shop.... Mmmmmm so tempting....
Anyway... Wishing you a Wonderful, Happy, Life Changing New Year.... so much for you to look forward too!!
With Love and Blessings, Jane xxx

solsticedreamer said...

happy new year lovely!

Ffraid said...

Hope that you have a wonderful year, Moonroot. Cariad mawr i