Thursday 14 December 2023


'The Wheel of Fortune' Tarot card from (L-R) 
The Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert,
The Witches' Wisdom Tarot by Phyllis Curott and Danielle Barlow,
The Mood Tarot by Natalie Meraki


I watched the livestream of my beloved friend's funeral

While a dear one held me as I cried

Then fed me,

And we talked and mourned and laughed together.


I wonder about this Wheel of Fortune we're all on.

Where is the up?

And when is the down?

Or is it all 

Just up and down,

All at once

And all the time?


There is no Wheel of Fortune,

No up then down.

There is just life:

Grief and love and laughter and tears

All at once

And all of the time.

Which is why - while it lasts -

It is all so damned precious.

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Anonymous said...

"No up then down. There is just life." Thank you❤️