Thursday, 3 March 2011

Spring Chickens

Morag, eavesdropping

It was a glorious, early spring day at Halfway Up A Hill. Crocus opened wide faces to the sun, so warm after the long, cold winter. A brave, early honey bee bustled amongst the thick clumps of snowdrops. Nesting birds sang songs of spring.

While the humans worked in the greenhouse, the chickens wandered nearby.

Dot, Daisy and Blodeuwedd gossiped companionably as they sauntered, nibbling at the grass.

Misty spread her wings, sighed, and settled down to a blissful sunbathing session.

Perched on the disused cold frame, Morag eavesdropped on Bella and Blodwen as the two elderly hens reminisced, chuckling together about how Bella had played a trick on the humans last year by hiding in this very spot.
Bella and Blodwen, reminiscing
In a pool of sunshine, Ceridwen and Blossom practiced the Charleston together, finding to their delight that their dance steps had the side benefit of turning up juicy insects and other gourmet treats hidden in the grass.

Ceridwen, dancing

What better way to celebrate the welcome arrival of Spring?

Blossom, scoffing


Dartford Warbler said...

What happy, healthy hens they look. I love their names.

the wild magnolia said...


aims said...

What fun!
Do you really have that kind of weather there?

We are regularly having temps of -24C to -40C. Plenty of snow covers everything and people don't venture out without longjohns or turning into instant popsicles.

Breezy said...

Oh bless! Chickens pottering about doing chicken stuff. I was with you halfway up that hill for a little while

Mina said...

What a fun and beautiful post! I love your chickens. It makes me ponder getting a few of my own someday. Although I know nothing about caring for them.

Moonroot said...

Aims - it's still chilly here on and off but nothing like you describe!

Clea Danaan said...

Thanks for this! Much fun and I too adore the names. We're about to get three more pullets in a few days. I like the idea of Welsh names...