Saturday, 4 December 2010

Fog and Ice and Gratitude

A new skyline on this day of fog and ice. The world ends across the valley, distant hills erased by fog. Sounds speak of life continuing 'out there' - a barking dog, a tractor, jackdaws - yet my eyes tell me the world is much smaller today.

Sheet ice covers the ground, even the chickens are slipping and sliding around. I walk intently, bent like an old woman, testing each step before carefully chancing my weight on it.

Cold, damp air chills my bones.

Yet the house is warm, the fire is lit, and my love and the cats await me. I count my blessings.


Haloquin said...

Beautiful. Thank you x

Pussycats and Angels said...

Beautifully written. I count my blessings too!
Jules x

laoi gaul~williams /I\ said...

lovely :)