Sunday, 26 December 2010

Deep and Crisp and Even

The Snow Queen has spread her mantle over the hills.

Thick snow, piled deep on a silent world. A world of beauty, the soft, round drifts at odds with the harshness of bitter cold. No owl quavers, no fox screams. Only the tracks left in the snow betray signs of life.

I trust that under the snow, snowdrop, crocus and narcissus dream the first faint stirrings of spring. For now all is quiet, all is still, all is frozen.

I feed the birds. I watch the sky, praying for a thaw, waiting for the days to lengthen. The Snow Queen is beautiful, but she is without mercy.


Anonymous said...

What enchanting post and pictures.

Griffin said...

Gorgeous pictures. Here, our snow is slowly disappearing.

You're right about the Snow Queen tho', she is very beautiful but she has a heart of ice and her eyes glitter with a frosty look.