Thursday, 31 December 2009

A New Year's Eve Benediction

By the light of a post-eclipse moon so bright I could find my way down the frosted hillside without a torch, I stood alone in the meadow. The stars of Orion sparkled to the South.

Ten years I have lived in this place, ten years I have striven to tend and connect with the land. Tonight the valley lay before me in all its stark midwinter beauty, softened and silvered by moonlight on frost.

Something prompted me to make an offering, to commune with the Genius Loci, to give back in some way. I knelt and watched, and listened, opening my senses. What could I offer at this time?

Then it came to me: I could sing. The perfect gift in this perfect moment.

I sang, softly at first, a chant composed by my dear friend Donald Engstrom-Reese:

"Beauty before me,

Beauty behind me,

Beauty to my right side,

Beauty to my left side,

Beauty above me,

Beauty below me.

I have beauty surrounding my life."

I sang the chant three times, a magical number, ending with a whispered blessing:

"Blessed be all beings, seen and unseen, that inhabit this land. Blessed be all that have walked this land. Blessed be the Spirits of Place. Blessed be, Blessed be, Blessed be."
Then I walked back up the hill. By moonlight. Blessed Be, and a Happy New Year to all.


Laura said...

That is so lovely! Happy New Year to you!

Pagangracecat said...

That was beautiful. Happy New Year to you - hope 2010 is a fabulous year for you.

Cottage Smallholder said...

Happy New Year - what an inspirational post

joanne May said...

Beautiful post and I love the song. I see you are a Moon child like me!:)
I enjoy moon gazing like a wild hare...
Best magical wishes for the New Year.
I am now following your lovely blog!:)
Jo May.

laoi gaul~williams said...

lovely~just perfect!
hope you had a lovely yule

DragonFly said...

Beauty in deed...thank you

Griffin said...

"Tonight the valley lay before me in all its stark midwinter beauty, softened and silvered by moonlight on frost." Oh wow! Do that again, do that again!!

My benediction to you sweetheart...

By the power of the Three,
By Earth and Air and Sea,
Let the dear and fair Moonroot
Be safe and well in the new year.

Let her always step with sure foot
Let her always sweet music hear.
Let the good things come to her
And the hard, harshness begone.

By Earth and Air and Sea,
Let all these things be.

aromatic said...

Beautiful post!!
Happy New Year Blessing to you!!
Love Jane xxx

mama p said...

this is just lovely. thank you for sharing it.

Naukishtae said...

I do not know how I happened upon your blog, but I suspect the hand of the Goddess.. Your words are deep and full of meaning for me.. I am lifted out of my depression just knowing you are there.. Thank You.. I shall follow your blog from this day.. and from this day may the Goddess in all her forms Bless you and your family..

Many Blessings Sister..