Monday, 22 June 2009

Summer Solstice Blessings

Yesterday, I joined with friends to celebrate the Summer Solstice. In the garden of one of the Moot members, we first blessed the area he has earmarked for what will eventually become a stone circle within a grove of trees. The area already feels magical, sacred. I hope we will all celebrate many more festivals together there over the coming years.
Then, as the evening sun slanted through tall trees we watched a ritual drama unfold. The Oak King and Holly King battled for supremacy - the Holly King (of winter) eventually claiming victory over the Oak King (of summer) whose strength begins to decline along with the sun now that the longest day has passed.
However, the visualisation that followed reminded us that there is still plenty of summer left to come, many more blue skies and sunny days before the cool breath of autumn is felt on our skin. The visualisation took us to a midsummer celebration where we took stock of our many blessings at this time, and afterwards we were each given a pouch (handknitted by Pinky) to which we added shells and beads to symbolise those blessings. I took a small, yet perfect spiral shell for mine, which seemed to me to sum up the simple contentment with life that I currently feel.
Having found myself again I have also found new love. My relationship with - well, let's call him IB for now - is blossoming and I am very, very happy.
I am planning for my future and examining ways that I may be able to stay at Halfway Up A Hill, instead of moving as I first thought I would have to when T and I parted.
I have begun co-teaching a series of magickal workshops with a friend, which are going even better than expected and bringing in a little extra cash.
And later this week, my parents will finally - after all kinds of delays and disappointments over the last two years or so - move into their new home, about 10 miles from me. It will be so lovely to have them close by.
So many blessings, summed up in one tiny shell.


Paul Rousselle said...

I'm glad things are looking up. It sounds like the rite really marked the beginning of a road to a much brighter future for you.

*kisses and hugs*

miss*R said...

fantastic! those magickal workshops sound perfect.. maybe when I come over, I can attend some..
sounds like a perfect Midsummer celebration!..
and please tell more of the stone circle - you see, I have seen one in meditation that I have to construct here at Inglewood.. under the pine tree where it is magickal and sacred!! the pouches sound fantastic too.. what do you do with them?

Donald Engstrom-Reese said...

I trust that I will be able to bring Mark to visit 'Halfway Up A Hill' someday. I have such fond memories of your beautiful Paganstead.

I trust that your summer will be filled with Beauty and Plenty.

Bless the Bees!

Grammy said...

Happy Summer Solstice,and sending many blessings your way.

Reya Mellicker said...

So you'll be staying in the house halfway up the hill?

So glad your life has taken a turn for the better!

Happy summer and much love

Louisa Herbs said...

((hugs)) so glad for you :)

dragonfly said...

Yeh!.....Well done :o) and beautiful photo. Love E

solsticedreamer~laoi gaul~williams said...

playing catch up and finally arrived halfway up a hill~its been some time in coming :)
so glad everything is looking so good with you and your life :)