Sunday, 19 April 2009

Joining The Dots

The view from my window at this time of year always reminds me of a pointillist painting - you know, one of those paintings which is made up of many many tiny dots of colour.

From my window just now I can see blackthorn and flowering cherry trees covered with dots of white and pink - flowers. The pussy willows are sprinkled with pollen-laden pale yellow catkins; the hawthorn and willows are studded with bright green leaves emerging from their bud state. Soon the poplar leaves will add soft grey speckles and the hazel leaves green speckles to the developing scene. The gorse bushes have been spattered with bright yellow flowers for months already. In the woodland, a soft haze of blue is beginning to show as the bluebells prepare for Beltane.

And in the meadows around Halfway Up A Hill, daisies, dandelions, lady's smock and celandines are strewn through the lush spring grass.

I wish I could photograph it adequately for you, but it seems to be one of those sights to which no camera can do justice. But the blackthorn blossom alone is pretty impressive, isn't it?


solsticedreamer~laoi gaul~williams said...

doh i posted a reply and my internet went off!
as i said earlier...i was talking about the greening yesterday driving through the forest, the sudden shimme rof green everywhere~i love it!

willow said...

This has been a good year for blackthorn blossom, looking forward to a bumper sloe harvest!

The Awakened Heart said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I do miss Blighty. And you do much more justice to the views than you (or your camera) thinks. through you, I touch home soil again. thank you.

Griffin said...

Definitely lovely. There are magnolias and cherry blossom out here too. In our back garden the apple trees are full of blossom too.

Where you are must be even more utterly beautiful now. Spring has sprung!... and is our Moonroot becoming reawakened again to her own joys?!

Loraine said...

Utah is blooming, too- we're having some rain showers today. There are fruit trees in full flower everywhere, and my seedlings are almost ready to be planted- I love this time of year.