Thursday, 2 April 2009

Good Morning - And Now For A Quick Commercial Break...

I have been feeling guilty about not posting recently on the blog. This is not for lack of things to post about, but for lack of time. In due course I hope to find time to blog about the Grand Opening of the Fire Pit party, the Dream Workshop with the wonderful Anne Hill, my (second!) trip to Spain, my newly decorated house, recent chicken adventures, the Carmarthen Moot's Spring Equinox ritual, and the hard work getting my craft items ready to sell at the Pagan Federation's regional Spring Conference on Barry Island this coming Saturday (that last bit was the commercial break, by the way - if you're coming to the conference, do come along and introduce yourself at the 'Moonroot Designs' stall!).

But in the meantime, this morning is so beautiful I just had to take a few minutes out to grab my camera, take some shots of the early sunshine sparkling dew on soon-to-be-blossoming buds and say good morning to you. Good morning!


Tempewytch said...

Um you have allowed time for breathing in that haven't you? I WISH I could get to a Pagan festival *sigh*

Donald Engstrom-Reese said...

So far this spring, we have had days of sleet, rain and snow, sometimes all mixed together. Only a few shoots of Siberian Squill and crocus have dared to show their tender blades.

I have been particularly missing you of late.

I do hope that sometime in the not too distant future you will be able to come visit your family and feres this side of the Atlantic.

Yes, Spain is lovely. But, Minnesota in the Winter is quite invigorating indeed! Come dance with the Snow Ponies with us at a Winter Witch Camp some time soon.

Spring Kisses for All!

Griffin said...

Coo! Have a fabby time petal and try not to have too much coffee as you will zip around even more!!

Lots a love to ya,

The Griffin

aims said...

I'm getting to this on the Saturday you're doing your thing. Wishing you lots of sales at the event!

And sigh on the buds. We still are getting snow here.

solsticedreamer~laoi gaul~williams said...

good morning lovely :)

i have been having the same problem, trying to fit everything in and just has'nt been happening lately

Reya Mellicker said...

I have been a little bit worried about you. Glad to know you've been busy and happy.

Much love to you!

Kim McBirnie said...

Don't feel guilty about not posting, it is good that life is busy - and in spring, you don't want to be sat at the computer all day.

Kim xx

Anonymous said...

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