Saturday, 14 February 2009

Bah Humbug!

Valentine's Day this year is a challenge for me. It's probably just circumstances (or perhaps because it falls on a weekend when everyone has more time to devote to it), but this year' annual celebration of love seems inescapably in-your-face to me.
What is particularly sticking in my craw is the realisation that the card I received from T last year wasn't the only one he sent. And the fact that the one I received would have been sent out of expediency rather than passion.
Still, luckily this year I haven't received any cards at all, for which I am truly grateful. A sympathy Valentine at this stage would have been more than I could bear!
Even so, today there are several other more positive realisations going on in my head. Firstly, spring is most definitely in the air - St Valentine's day is traditionally the day that birds choose their mates, and true to that there is a lot of bird song and activity in the garden. Secondly, I am moving on emotionally, even if today is a bit of a hiccup in that progress.
And thirdly, despite all, I still believe in true love. I think this must be what they call the triumph of hope over experience, but still. I'd rather be an optimistic idealist than a pessimistic cynic.
So I say both Bah Humbug and a very Happy Valentine's Day to you. But mostly Happy Valentine's Day.


aims said...

I was alone for many years before The Man came into my life. He has made up for all the ugliness of the past and all the emptiness I felt over many Valentine's days.

When you're least expecting it and when you're not looking.....

btw - that looks like a wild rose to me.

Leanne said...

Oh Moonroot, I am with you on this!

its all so commercial and 'in your face' it ,makes it hard for those alone or still in pain from a breakup. Mine wasnt the only card he sent last year either, and then he left the next day!

And yet, I too have an optimistic heart, and we will leave it to Time to see if the optimism is justified. Its just for now, i dont want to dip my toe in the water.
with huge blessings to you

Leanne x

The Awakened Heart said...

I'm with you on the whole Bah Humbug Valentines thing and I'm married. Love cannot and should not be forced and it certainly can't be forced into 24-hours of commercialism. I'm glad that you are moving on emotionally - I know that its been hard these past few months but you're right, Spring is a season of hope and that is a good season to move into.

solsticedreamer~laoi gaul~williams said...

oh moonroot~look forwards my lovely :)

as for valentines day i am afraid i am a total bah-humbug!

Reya Mellicker said...

It's always kind of a bummer for me, too. Sorry you have to experience the alienation of Valentine's Day as a single.

Thinking of you with much love!

Griffin said...

Valentines, Schmalentines. A feast of rampant commercialism doth not emotion declare.

My friend Jane and I sent each other 'You are sooo not my Valentines' instead. I'm single, proud of it and don't care for Cupid's nonsense. So there!

cynthia said...

Bah Humbug! i agree.

To try to be positive, i won't talk about how much i am repulsed by Valentine's day, but about the never-ending hope we express in the power of love.

Clean, renewing spring is on the way. Now that's an expression of hope! Good girl, turn it around and look forward.

Coos from La Gallinero in Oregon. i am working on spring cleaning the place and then working some banishing spells. My house, the yard, the garden boxes and the coop, everything is getting the treatment and then i'll begin planting.

Prepare my nest, settle old debts, banish out the negative energies, create a sphere of protection and then cast my seeds. Hail to Spring, the great renewer!

btw - wild roses are tenacious.

Sunny said...

Birds were singing in our garden too. That was super cool.

Anonymous said...

Amen sista!!!
Beautiful photo!
I can't remember the last time I had a serious relationship or even cared for one.
I can buy my own chocolates, thanks!

Great post!

The Awakened Heart said...

Hello again, I've just tagged you in a fun photo meme. Stop by the blog and check it out.

Tempewytch said...

Here's hoping you keep moving upwards Moonroot! Valentines consisted of OH and myself meeting some friends and their kids in teh pub, sipping a few and heading off home - no big celebrations here because we do that whenever - why have an artificial, commercialised, "spend all you dosh otherwise you look like a saddo" day!

Anonymous said...

Know EXACTLY how you feel :-)

d. oak said...

My ex husband cheated on me for about a year and that first year after I found out was damn tough...Every holiday imagining the duplicity that was happening the year before. Your post made me remember just how tough that was. May you never receive another obligatory valentine. I am for optimistic hearts. I have one too.

miss*R said...

oh yes, yes.. do still believe in true love because it exists.. years ago when my ex bought me flowers for Valentines day..he also bought them for someone else and had been for a few years.. broke my heart... THEN it was fixed by the man I am married to now for 21yrs.. my soul mate..

it will happen - believe and it will be so xoxo

bill said...

I used to hate Valentines Day for years, years, and years, decades, actually. A beloved lady chose that day to say goodbye. I said #%*@ that day ever since.

This year was different.

I was not expecting anything different to happen but it did.

Life is confusing, but I don't hate Valentines Day any more.

I think you would like this lady . . .

And I think you would like this lady . . .