Saturday, 27 September 2008

Autumn Equinox

Gathering in the temple, we created elemental altars together. One each for earth, air, fire, water and spirit. Draped cloths in each of the four quarters, plus one in the centre of our circle were adorned with flowers, crystals, feathers, candles, shells, incense... The temple space was cleansed with incense and salt water. We cleansed each other and entered...

Together in our peaceful sanctuary, we grounded, cast a circle and invoked the elements, Deities and other Mysterious Ones.

In this time of balance and change, we wrote on leaves those things we would shed and cast them into the cauldron to be transformed. In this time of harvest, we took apples, naming them for those things we would gratefully reap and take with us into the dark half of the year. In this time of community celebration we gifted eachother with hazelnuts, naming them for the blessings we would wish on eachother.

In this time of Autumn Equinox I gathered with good friends in celebration, shed my fears and tears and grief, held on to my hopes and blessings, and discovered all the good things others wish for me. In this pause from routine, this place of balance between light and dark, summer and winter, when day and night stand as equals, I felt the shift and realised that both balance and change are necessary.

The universe is in a fine dance between stasis and chaos. And so am I. This time of upheaval in my life may well turn out to be a blessing. I am certain that it will be a time of growth and learning.

Blessed Be.

P.S. Paul's account of the ritual is here.


willow said...

A lovely post. I like the idea of "writing on leaves those things we would shed".
Beautiful photo too.

aromatic said...

Truly beautiful and I am quite sure this will enable you to move forward with your life.. new beginnings.
What a magical place you were at, the picture of the surrounding views was breathtaking. A perfect setting and to be with dear friends and engulfed with so much love must have been so enlightening for you.
What a wonderful way to celebrate your new life.

Jane xxx

Thursday said...

A beautifully written post of a timely celebration, considering the changes in your life. You sound upbeat, this is good.

Leanne said...

beautiful, a beautiful ceremony.

i'll raise a glass for a happy future for you moonroot,

leanne x

This Guy said...

Absolutly amazing post! The writing on the leaves is most excellent! :)
Brightest Blessings,

Griffin said...

Hurrah! Death is over, here comes the rebirth! Good luck in your rebirth petal,

All the best to ya,

docwitch said...

Delurking here.

Beautiful post. Mabon speaks to me the most of all the pagan festivals. What a completely appropriate ceremony for the season and spirit of Mabon.

I wish you all the very best with the changes you are experiencing.

Also - I love your masks - they are spectacular.

Brightest of Blessings

Andy said...

I love the way that you describe the ritual, and I also like Paul's take on it. Some of the elements contained have echoes of Samhain, and I think I might borrow some of your ideas for my Samhain ceremony, if I may! Most inspiring!

Breezy said...

That was a beautiful and magical description. Andy pipped me to the post with his thoughts of Samhain