Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Morning Routine

The alarm blares at 7.30am (a bit earlier in summer, a bit later in winter). Stumble out of a warm bed, struggling into sheepskin slippers and pulling on skirt and jumper over nightclothes. Wiping sleep from eyes, shaking dreams from head, mumbling about not being a morning person, down the stairs to the kitchen where cats wait expectantly.

Slippers off, wellies on. Out into the shock of cold morning air, carrying chicken food, goose food, guinea pig food. Cats weaving through legs, splash or slide or walk (depending on weather) downhill to the greenhouse. Guinea pig is fed and watered, and the chicken drinker retrieved from its overnight frost free haven. Next, chickens are liberated from the hen house and eagerly cluster round their food. On down into the goose run. The geese run honking up the hill from their shed, gratefully flapping their wings in the freedom of fresh air.

All the while, Bear and Marley chase and tumble, darting up trees and pouncing on each other. Tigger sits in quiet, solitary dignity at the top of the steps, glaring as she concentrates on beaming out the psychic message: 'Cat food now. Cat food now.'.

Then it is back to the house, where Tigger vocally demands Cat Food Now!!!. And is rewarded with a bowlful of her own, as are the other two.

Cereal for me. Shower for me. Clothes for me.

The day has begun.


willow said...

That sounds really civilised, get up earlier in the summer and later in the winter. Our alarm is set for 6:15am all year round. For six months of the year thats fine but round about now near the shortest day it is such a struggle to move in the mornings. I'm sure we are programmed to sleep more in the winter than the summer - like the chickens do!

Leanne said...

that sounds very much like my morning- up before its light, seeing to the 21 animals before i see to me! then a very welcome cup of tea!

Leanne x

Moonroot said...

Willow - 6.15am?? Shudder. I am *so* not a morning person, anything earlier than 7am counts as the middle of the night. Likewise getting up while it's still dark!

miss*R said...

I think I would have to have a cup of tea first.

Reya Mellicker said...

What a great life! wow. It's a REAL life, sharing your space with the animals as you do. Fantastic.

My only complaint is: why are you the last to be fed? That hardly seems fair.

And a question: is goose food different than chicken food?

Jan said...

Haha. I thought I was then only one who dressed over pj's to tend the animals and then dressed for real later.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I loved reading about your morning routine. I felt like I was right there with you.
I am a very early riser, but I'm lucky I get to take the time to write and sip on hot, strong coffee.
My morning responsibilites can wait unitl my daughter wakes up.
The cats get up with her, not me, so I have my very own quiet, uninterrupted morning time.

Tori said...

I really really really liked hearing about your morning. You should write about your days so I can take a trip without leaving my chair.

Monique @ http://jikkemiene.nl said...

I can just see you going down the hill and being watched by the cats. Don't you just love them ?? I've got three and I don't live on a farm, but very close to open fields. The cats bring home lots of presents now, knowing it is soon to be Yule ; ) Mice lying around everywhere. I can't believe there's a single one left. Poor little mice, but that's nature and nature is hard sometimes !!
I wish you a very good day and will be visiting again soon !!

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