Wednesday, 19 December 2007

By The Way...

... anyone know what has happened to my blog header? The photo seems to have got cropped and I'm not sure why. I don't think it was anything I did, and I can't seem to find out how to change it back. Any advice gratefully received.


miss*R said...

blogger has a mind of its own. I don't know what happened but I noticed it happened to another blog using the same template.
I always use scribe template as it is easy to use and change.
best of luck with finding the gremlins!
I was just popping over to wish you a wonderful Winter Solstice.
sending much love and many blessings from down here where the sun should be shining but its not.

obeerg said...

Love reading your blog, you paint wonderful pictures with your words.

Like you we celebrate both the solstice and Xmas - the solstice being the spiritual and Xmas the day for family.
Hope they are good for you


Leanne said...

I have trouble with blogger too, often my pics fail and i have to delete and then reload, very frustrating!

leanne x

Moonroot said...

Oh well, the header seems to have come back of its own accord!

Reya Mellicker said...

My banner was cropped for a few days, too. But now mine's back to full size as is yours. All is right with the world.

Merry Return of the Light to you, dear Moonroot! Thinking of you with love as we plunge into solar 2008.