Saturday, 14 July 2007

Stormy Weather

My friend Reya, whose unconventional viewpoints on life never fail to inspire intriguing new perspectives, talks sometimes about being predicted by the weather. I think I'm starting to know what she means.

Over the last few weeks we've had extremely unsettled weather - rain, wind, storms, even hail. June wasn't so much flaming as rain-lashed, and so far July has been pretty much following suit.

At the same time, the fall-out from the cancellation of Avalon Witchcamp, and the at times seemingly overwhelming task of staging a Summer Gathering instead has left me feeling buffetted and depressed.

I noticed on several occasions recently a weird phenomenon in which the horizon in all directions appeared quite bright, while the sky over us was black and heavy. This seemed to coincide with me feeling weighed down by too many commitments and not enough hours in the day. Was a literal black cloud following me around? I don't really believe that, but it does seem a bit strange.

The weather is still pretty unsettled, but the downpours seem less overwhelming, as does my workload. The sun is peeking out occasionally, the rain no longer a permanent fixture. And at the same time, my shoulders have un-knotted, my headache lifted, my sense of humour has returned.

Am I really being predicted by the weather? If so, I'm hoping for more rainbows, some lazy summer sun and perhaps the odd gentle shower just to keep things interesting. Enough with the stormy stuff for now.

P.S. Reya - recognise the star?

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Reya Mellicker said...

I do recognize the star! Wow.

Sorry to hear the black cloud has been following you around. Though I always say the weather predicts me, it's probably more accurate to say that my moods and thoughts align themselves with the weather at hand. Who wouldn't feel blown around considering the summer weather you've had? And you, more than most people I know, have such a strong relationship with your landscape, it makes even more sense.

All my friends in the U.K. have had a tough time this summer. Dreary weather takes its toll.

I'm glad the sense of oppression is passing. I hope you're properly appreciated for all your work in creating the summer gathering. I'm sure you will, but I hope it compensates for your current state of slog.

Thinking of you with much love, brightness, imagining clear blue skies opening up over the farm on the hill in Wales.