Friday, 2 January 2015

Better Late Than Never

Mandrake showing remarkable restraint around Christmas decorations

It has been a while since I posted. For a large part of last year I was beset by technical problems. My computer decided to deny me access to my photographs, and I could neither upload nor download photos. Hence most of the photographs in newer blogposts have been recycled from earlier posts. I couldn't even share photos of our new kittens (well, new in Autumn 2013) - be warned, that will soon be remedied!

Then my email vanished into the ether when my email provider was bought out by a bigger company who promised 'nothing would change' and then promptly disabled the service with no warning, explanation or apology. Then I managed to get locked out of my 'alternative' email address when it prompted me to change my password then steadfastly refused to recognise either the new or old passwords.

My misery was compounded when my broadband suddenly ceased working. This was complicated by the fact that the account was still in T's name, as it had been set up some years ago as part of a phone package he had bought. The broadband was free (this was when they were trying to get people to switch to broadband) so I hadn't wanted to rock the boat by changing the name of the account holder in case I would have to start paying. IB and I tried everything to fix the broadband before finally having to get T involved. He very kindly investigated for us, only to confirm that it had been disabled as that tariff (i.e. free!) was no longer available. So I then had to search for a new provider. I got one arranged, but a couple days before it was due to start, there was a big storm during which the house was hit by lightning. Luckily, there was no damage except for the phone line which was fried (no I can't believe it either). That took 3 weeks to get fixed.

All in all, it seems like events were conspiring to keep me away from my blog. So it has been a lo-o-o-o-o-o-ong time between posts. But it is a new year, I am back and will be hopefully making up for lost time over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, kitten pics!!!

A sleepy baby Woodruff

Despite being from different litters, Mandrake and Woodruff are inseparable

The candle is much shorter these days, and Woodruff is much larger! I will have to take a new photo for comparison.

Woodruff being adorable.

Mandrake is always in search of fun.


A bit older in this one..

Nearly fully grown!

And as you can see, they have settled in well with the rest of the household...

...which doesn't leave much room on the sofa for the humans!



Jopan said...

Welcome back! All of Your cats are stunning, and I really like the names of your two kittens.

sandra hagan said...

Happy New Year!

Hope your internet issues are gone forever.

The babies are so wonderful!!!

laoi gaul~williams said...

ohhh welcome back! and with kitten pictures too...there was much ooohing and ahhhing here over them! hopefully all your techie problems are now solved.

The Country Witch said...

Beautiful bundles of absolute adorableness!!