Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Kitten Chaos

The two new kittens, Mandrake and Woodruff, are outside. Galloping madly in the autumn sunshine, tumbling through the woodpile, tearing through the long grass. Occasionally they barrel headlong into the huddle of foraging chickens and there is an uproar of ruffled feathers, outraged clucking and scattered hens. For a few seconds the kittens - who have learned the hard way that chickens can peck - are in subdued, deferent retreat.

Then the smells... and the sunshine... and the birds... and the blowing leaves!!! And they're off again, running, tumbling, play-fighting, and exuberantly exploring the wonderful wide world beyond the safety and comfort of the back door.

The warm kitchen is reassuringly only a cat-flap away.


Griffin said...

Kookie Kittens!

I would love a cat, let alone some Kitten Kaos. Wait until they aren't kittens any more, they may well stalk the chickens from the long grass or the woodpile...and still get pecked and clucked at!!

And you...you sound very, very happy too. Jolly good, carry on!

Leanne said...

you have new kittens?? oh! oh!

Leanne x

laoi gaul~williams said...

ohh cannot wait to see pictures! i just love their names :)
my little magpie and leveret are asleep in the sun from the bedroom window so flynt (and my curtains!) are getting some peace :)