Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Garden Beckons...

Gosh, how can it be March 2013 already? I've barely got used to it being 2012!

After weeks of cold, frosty weather it is suddenly spring here at Halfway Up A Hill. It is mild and sunny this morning. I have let the chickens out of their run onto the grass and they are wandering contentedly, scratching up the lawn and dust-bathing in the sawdust in their favourite spot under the saw-horse.

I am seized with the urge to get out and start planting. The garden needs a major overhaul and I had planned a fairly minimal vegetable plot this year while I finish re-configuring it and building new raised beds. But on days like this I just want to get my hands in the earth, and I can feel the urge to plant just a few more herbs, add a few more veggies to the plan, squeeze in some extra seeds here and there... I probably need to reign these ideas in, as it will be all too easy to raise way too many seedlings in my enthusiasm and then have no room for them when it comes to planting out.

But oh, on days like this, the call of the garden is so strong. I'm going out now, and I may be gone for some time...

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