Thursday, 8 March 2012

A Small Treat

It is a beautiful spring morning. The wind is cold but when it drops, the sun is warm on my back.

Gingerly, I move over to the chicken run to let the girls out of their house and give them food and water. I have recently undergone surgery and have been too sore to attend to these chores of late. Mum, Dad and IB have been helping me, but this morning I am feeling better. In the sunshine, with daffodils blowing in the breeze, the sound of water rushing in the stream and lambs bleating in the fields, a routine chore now almost seems like a treat.

The chickens crowd round my feet as I deposit their feeder, empty the drinker and refill with fresh water. Outside the cats play-chase each other and then roll lazily on their backs, luxuriating in the sun. I shut the door of the chicken run behind me and slowly return to the house, pausing on the way to admire the pulmonaria in full bloom. The sun shines, the birds sing, spring is here - and I am very happy to have the time to stop and breathe it all in.


willow said...

Sorry to hear that you've not been well. Enjoy the mild weather, I feel that warm spring sunshine is healing to our bodies after a winter spent indoors and I hope you feel better soon.

Silver Fox said...

Oh Moonroot an OP...gosh hope you're mending well I am sure you are. Warmth and healing xxxx

The Cranky Crone, she lives alone! said...

Nothing like Spring in the air to help a soul, wishing well with your the pic of the chickens.

laoi gaul~williams said...

ohh i hope you are recovering well~take care xoxoxoxo