Sunday, 14 August 2011

August Pleasures

It has been a quiet, uneventful weekend - heavenly, after a hectic week. Work has been extra busy and at home the house has been in turmoil while a chimney has been lined in preparation for the installation of the new wood burning stove. Earlier in the week my lovely brother and nephew were visiting so there has been much socialising too.

Yesterday I harvested mange-touts and courgettes from the veggie patch, and a basketful of peaches from the dwarf tree in the polytunnel. This morning I had lovely lie-in, and after tending to the chickens (in their luxurious new run!), geese and cats, grazed on juicy blackberries from the hedge. The elderberries are also ripening, so it will soon be time to make a few gallons of wine. And the damson tree is literally weighed down by its enormous crop which is gradually turning from green to purple - more wine, and lots of jam! I love all this harvesting, it's so satisfying.

Meanwhile the kitchen is scented by the bunches of herbs that are hanging up to dry - rosemary, watermint, meadowsweet and St John's wort. Bear snuggles, purring on my lap as I type. What a lovely day! I hope yours is just as lovely.


Anonymous said...

I love the name of your blog!

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend!

I just love some good tasting wine!

Also I really enjoy eating peaches, as a matter of fact, my wife and I went to buy some peaches today.

The Blue Faerie said...

Beautiful looking peach! I'm jealous of all the produce your getting! Do you ever can any of it for the winter?

Anonymous said... every single thing about this post!
Oh how I miss my garden, but alas am now living in an apartment building above mother earth, but with herbs growing in my kitchen window & plants on my balcony.

xo :)