Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Birthday Blessings

Today I am grateful for... a day of beautiful sunshine.

Today I am grateful for... a wonderful boyfriend and brother-in-law who have slogged all day in said sunshine to build a me new chicken run.

Today I am grateful for... all the birthday greetings, cards and gifts from friends and family far and wide.

Today I am grateful for... my sister who has cooked a special birthday feast for me!

Today I am grateful for... the failure of the BSkyB bid (is that mean of me? But what a birthday present!)

Today I am grateful for... a special cupcake from my friend Pinky.

Today I am grateful for... the bottle of Oaked Forest Honey Mead that I will open to celebrate my birthday this evening.

Today I am grateful for... a greenhouse full of thriving tomatoes.

Today I am grateful for... another wonderful year on the most beautiful blue and green planet I have ever seen.

And you?


laoi gaul~williams said...

oh happy birthday lovely lady!

i hope you have a wonderful feast and enjoy your mead~i shall toast you with blessings when i have my little sip of mead later tonight :)

Lyn said...

happy birthday!

the wild magnolia said...

A thrilling post, celebration of your special day, many things to be grateful for.

Thank you, for sharing.

Faeryfay said...

Happy Birthday!

Griffin said...

Hurrah! Happy Birthday to you! I guessed it was this month, but didn't know when.

Lots of cake and wine to you! It's cos you're worth it!

Glad too that all is going well with you, it's what you most definitely deserve.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a wonderful and joyous birthday, even if it is a few days late.

Leanne said...

happy birthday susan! glad everything is going so well for you now
Leanne x

willow said...

Belated birthday wishes.