Saturday, 29 January 2011


Psychic attack is something I've never really worried about. Firstly, why would anyone consider me important enough to put all that effort into attacking me? And secondly - does it even happen or is it all paranoid fantasy?

Yet I was just reading about psychic protection and it mentioned that someone sending negative energy your way - either unconsciously or intentionally - can leave you prone to accidents, illness, exhaustion, unease and a feeling of being out of balance. And what really struck me is that this describes exactly what I was feeling during early summer 2007 until August 2008. That was the period during which - unknown to me - T was having an affair, right up until he left. After he left, I was naturally in shock, feeling grief, anger and depression. Yet looking back, that was also about the time the feeling of being out of balance with the Universe dissipated.

I don't want to be paranoid, or jump to conclusions - after all, sometimes a dead frog is just a dead frog, right? But could T's mistress have been directing malicious thoughts at me - intentionally or not? Or T himself? Or was my life just naturally out of kilter because my marriage was teetering over a precipice I wasn't aware of?

I'm pondering. And I'd love to hear any thoughts you may have on the matter.


Oya's Daughter said...

I think it's highly unlikely TBH. Sometimes, rubbish things happen because we're on the wrong path and it's necessary to shake us out of the rut - the devil we know being better than the devil we don't so even if a situation is rubbish, we cling to it.

In Yoruba tradition this is Oya energy - tearing things down that you don't need to get you moving out of stagnation.

With that said, I do not follow a shiny-happy-three-fold-law thang. Again, if Oya feels someone deserves their comeuppance, they get it! I have not a qualm at all in doing that if it is deserved and necessary.

In your case I think it was just the turmoil of a situation which was rather unpleasant anyway, and perhaps your need to be shaken loose to be able to move onward even if you probably didn't want to.

My tuppence.

laoi gaul~williams /I\ said...

interesting~that is something i have pondered over the years, a sin is it really something that occurs? reading about your situation it is possible to consider it is real...hmmmmm

Paul Rousselle said...

I would say that often these events can be perceived instinctually, if not in the apparent concious mind, that is to say, you may have known of some deception of some sort and thereby having a conflict of reason between your two sides.
Pure specualtion of course.

Psychic attack, though, isn't always single-pointed and intentional. If it was a PA, it may have been simply coming from T, who was in the process of deception. Much like a Total Empath, but t'other way.

Mina said...

This is just my opinion and I am certainly no expert on this but...

I believe that when our "outer" lives are out of sync with our "inner" soul growth and highest potential, our subconscious minds send signals to us that often causes discomfort until we realize there is a problem. Also, when we share space with another human it is impossible not to share energy space. You may have somehow picked up on your mate's deception but without your conscious mind's absolute awareness, you were left feeling ill at ease and confused. Sometimes we need to just stop and ask ourselves what our instincts are trying to convey in order to restore peace again.

Anonymous said...

Yep - what Mina said....

Very interesting post - thanks for your honesty in sharing this experience.