Sunday, 10 January 2010

RIP Blanche

R.I.P. Blanche, Head Chicken and Bossy Boots. 2003-2010


Angela said...

The first time I ever looked at your website , was the exact time 'blanche' passed on.
I have hens too, and I do know how you will miss her.
I beleive animals and creatures that come to us in our lives, are sent for a reason, and that they choose us, not we choose them !!
I.d like to know how you came to have 'Blanche'.
Angelina x

Lyn said...

poor Blanche.
We miss all our pets, they are part of your family.

DragonFly said...

Sorry to read that Blanche didn't make it...X E

aromatic said...

Sorry to hear about Blanche....
Thinking of you!
Jane xxx

Griffin said...

Head Chicken and Bossy Boots is quite the title to have achieved. Farewell Blanche your Bossy-Boots-ness.