Sunday, 1 March 2009

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant*

Just in the nick of time for Saint David's Day, a handful of daffodils have opened in the garden this morning. The cold winter we've had has set many plants back - for example the snowdrops at Halfway Up A Hill are only now really in full swing. Yet this morning is bright and sunny and full of birdsong; the first few daffodils are shining brightly and little purple clusters of crocuses I had forgotten planting are peeping up through the grass. I can hear lambs bleating on the hills, and extravagant tassels of hazel catkins dance in the hedge with the slightest breeze.

Oh yes, spring is here alright - croeso i gwanwyn!**
* Saint David's Day
** Welcome to spring!


willow said...

No daffodils here yet though a couple of buds are just starting to show colour but I've been to my allotment this afternoon and it does begin to feel like spring.
Happy St David's day.

miss*R said...

autumn is on the way here at Woodford. I love it!

oh but snowdrops.. I forgot about dear little snow drops.. yes, when spring comes next time, i will make sure I look for them in my garden..

d. oak said...

OH! This made me remember being in England and Wales the spring I visited you. I landed in England and there were daffodils and magic everywhere.

I miss you, Susan!