Thursday, 19 June 2008

Strangled Squeak-Whoop!

That's the excited noise I made this morning when I found my name had been picked out of the hat to win a 'creativity package' from mccabe's delightful Dancing Mermaid blog. I left a comment on her very moving Father's Day post and hence got entered in the draw. I'm so excited, it's the first time I've won anything like this.

I'm also excited because I'm going through a 'creative' phase at the moment. I love to do creative, craft-y things but find inspiration often comes in waves. At times I just can't stop making-painting-playing-gluing-weaving-sketching-shaping, and at others the well dries up and my fingers keep themselves entertained by gardening or writing or cooking or if all else fails, doing the housework!

I am already engaged in making a fairy jar for a friend's birthday and creating some images of Brigid for a fundraising project. And this morning I woke up with my head buzzing with ideas for new masks. My fingers are also itching to get back to the knitting that got put down when things got really busy in the garden. So I think it's safe to say I'm in a creative phase, and this give-away couldn't have come at a better time!

The photo is of a 'Blodeuwedd' mask I made just over a year ago. It's made of papier mache, decorated with paint, feathers and flowers.


miss*R said...

you know creativity is really the heart of our soul... in any way..even creating sacred space in our home by doing housework, cooking and gardening.. all creative things!
I would love to make a faery jar.. must go see how.

Caitlin said...

That mask is absolutely stunning! One of my daughters has a feathered owl mask that she wore to a 'Winter Soltice wicker man burning' one year. She was only 2 and looked adorable.

Jo said...

I wish I was more creative, I've never really been very domesticated. I admire anyone who is :-) That mask is lovely.

solsticedreamer said...

i have had the same feelings~knitting needles have been going, bought more cord to make necklaces and bracelets, been going through my bead supply and sketching out a bag to made from ticking left over from making curtains for 'pippin'
like miss*r keen to see the faery jar!

Cat said...