Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Smells Like Team Spirit

We sell our excess eggs which helps to pay for the chicken feed. I was talking to my Dad on the phone the other day, and he was bemused to hear that our roadside stall has an honesty jar for people to leave their payment. I think he thought that in this day and age such an old-fashioned notion was just asking to be exploited. I assured him that not only do people pay up, sometimes they leave more than the asking price, despite us leaving sufficient small change in the jar. Or they leave an IOU and come back in a day or two when they have the cash. And often, they leave a bag with empty egg boxes tied to the gate, so we can reuse them. Dad was absolutely astonished to hear of such - well, community spirit I suppose.

Yesterday, while I was buying milk in the (sole) small shop in our village, a delivery driver came in asking for directions. The girl behind the counter didn't know the address he was looking for, and asked if I knew it, which I didn't. So - in a move that I'm sure would have Dad shaking his head in disbelief again - she said, 'Oh, I'll ask Eleri,' and leaving the shop untended she and the delivery driver walked up and across the road to knock at a neighbouring cottage and ask if the people there knew the address! Having lived here for seven years I have got used to the friendliness and helpfulness of people in this part of the world, but even so I was amazed. I feel very lucky to live here!


Mike Farley said...

This reminds me of the small newspaper shop in Plockton, a delightful little village on the north west coast of Scotland. The place is run by a blind guy - people have to tell him what they have bought. Honesty wins through every time. It is nice to know it is still alive and well.

Lesley said...

I wish everywhere was like this. There's a little stall down the road from us selling veg with an honesty box. I was amazed myself when they put it up but it seems to be going well. It's hard to put your trust in people sometimes, isn't it.

ps. I've really enjoyed reading through your blog!