Thursday, 8 February 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Blimey, those groundhogs really know their stuff!

Hard to believe how much the weather has changed since my last post. On Tuesday night it got down to -7ºC overnight. It was still -6ºC when I got up to see to the animals. We usually leave the chickens' drinker along with a couple of watering cans of water in the (heated) greenhouse on frosty nights, as the taps often freeze up making it impossible to give the animals fresh water. It was so cold on Wednesday morning that the chicken drinker and watering cans all had thick layers of ice in them - doesn't bode well for my precious fuschias and geraniums that are overwintering in there.

This morning we awoke to a thick fall of snow blanketing everything and looking absolutely beautiful. Not so much fun though when you have to slip your way through it to let the geese & chickens out of their houses! We have had to net over the top of the chicken run due to a psycho buzzard that was attacking them, and the weight of snow has brought all that down - sigh. Also, the chickens were too freaked by the sight of the snow to come out anyway.

Angel the gander was similarly perturbed, and refused to leave his warm shed. His mate, Buffy (true to her namesake!) showed no such qualms and braved the alien landscape, much to Angel's distress. He shouted himself hoarse from the shed telling her what a rash, impulsive, reckless fool she was. Women, eh? Eventually when he realised nothing worse than being first at the food bowl and the pond this morning had befallen her he plucked up his courage and emerged. Meanwhile the chickens, making those little 'awwwwr' noises that seem to be Chickenese for 'No good will come of it - it'll all end in tears you know!' had finally appeared outside and were standing around looking suitably scandalised.

It's much milder this morning and I doubt the snow will last the day. Still, it looks pretty!


Mike Farley said...

Greetings and welcome to the joys of Blogging. Love your blog, keep up the good work, from a rotten old Tudor despot.

deborah oak said...

fantastic!!! I'm going put a link to you on my blog!!!